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The Lady Clark Retirement Village is a Not-for-Profit, Tasmanian Owned and Operated, independent organisation. It is a retirement village that allows residents the freedom to live as they would in their own home.

The Village

The Lady Clark Retirement Village is a not-for-profit, Tasmanian owned and operated, independent organisation.  We have 78 independent living units, of which 71 are single bedroom units (approximately 6 squares in area) with the balance being two bedroom units (approximately 10 squares in area), set in a spacious garden setting over approximately six acres.  Our villas are not "crammed in" and the parkland feel has been upheld.  It is a retirement village that allows residents the freedom to live as they would in their own home, but with the advantage of freeing up finances that would normally be tied up in real estate



Our not-for-profit status means that all monies received are poured back into the Village.  The Village is not owned by a mainland corporation, nor is it part of a multi-national conglomeration.  The Lady Clark Retirement Village is 100% Tasmanian owned, which gives us the freedom to make decisions for the Village and its residents.

The Lady Clark Retirement Village is operated under the Retirement Villages Act 2004 legislation.  However, there is no Government representation or membership on the Board. Similarly, we are not affiliated with any Church organisation or Club.  We are an independently operated body.  Our roads are private, we are responsible for the upkeep of all roads, curbs and gutters.  We even pay our own street lighting.


Unit Interior and Garden

Our refurbished units have been modified by an interior designer and meet an exacting standard. Each newly renovated unit takes advantage of modern design and layout to specifically suit the needs of retirees.  Whilst the majority of units are one-bedroom, they have been sympathetically developed for both single and dual occupancy.  All rooms are large and spacious, the bathroom/laundry includes a large walk-in shower, purpose built laundry nook and easy access toilet.  The custom made cupboards and bench tops are ergonomically designed, with no sharp edges, and have been situated to provide the best available space.

We recognise the importance of personalising a unit and happily collaborate with both new and existing residents in their development of rear decks, patios or/and a fenced garden to their villas.

What this Means for You as a Resident

Whilst the turnover of occupancy at the Lady Clark Retirement Village is low, once you have been successful in securing residency, you can rest easy in the knowledge your villa and associated needs will be attended to by a professional, caring management. One who always gives that little bit extra to make sure you are comfortable, happy and secure.


Coming here was one of the best decisions of our lives, we were overjoyed when our application was accepted and even more so when we moved into our unit.