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Bringing your pet.

Lady Clark Retirement Village recognises the importance keeping a pet has for some people. In view of that, we have a pet policy at our Village. It is important for incoming residents to be able to bring their cat, dog or bird to the Village. There are a few rules around keeping a pet, mostly for the health of the pet as well as for the consideration of neighbours.

Pet Policy

A resident must make application in writing to the centre management for approval to house a pet within their Villa. Once approval has been given to keep a pet, the resident must observe the following conditions:

  • Pets must be small in size – medium to large breeds of animal are not permitted
  • A dog must be registered with the Glenorchy City Council and kept in accordance with the Local Government Animal Control Guidelines (details are available from the Council)
  • The pet must be de-sexed and a certificate of de-sexing provided to the centre management
  • Pets must be kept indoors and not allowed to roam around the Centre
  • Dogs may be exercised in the Centre, but must be kept on a lead, and any droppings picked up and disposed of in the resident’s rubbish bin
  • Kitty litter or similar products must be bagged and disposed of in the resident’s rubbish bin
  • Pets must not cause nuisance to neighbours or other residents (eg barking or whining), or cause damage to the Centre Grounds (eg digging holes)
  • Leaving a pet dog alone in a Villa for lengthy periods of time must be avoided
  • If a resident goes on holiday for an extended period, arrangements must be made for the animal to be housed elsewhere, generally away from the Centre
  • Residents will be required to meet the cost of repairing any damage caused by their pet in their Villa or in any part of the Lady Clark Centre grounds


Approval for the keeping of a pet can be subject to further conditions by centre management not set out above. In determining whether the keeping of a pet will be approved, centre management will take into account the type of pet proposed to be kept, and the level of maintenance or supervision required for its care. If any of the above conditions, or additional conditions applied as part of the approval, are not met, approval to keep a pet may be withdrawn by centre management and the pet removed from the Centre.

Where permission has been granted to keep a pet, additional checks will be made in relation to the regular condition and maintenance review of Villas. Management will adapt the conditions for housing a pet in situations where a resident requires a Guide Dog or a Support Dog.


Coming here was one of the best decisions of our lives, we were overjoyed when our application was accepted and even more so when we moved into our unit.